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Real Corozo

Corozo or the Tagua nut is the fruit of a renewable rainforest crop typically used in the place of ivory and plastics. Before the advent of plastics Tagua was a key product in the button industry; having many qualities similar to ivory. The Tagua nut is also known as The Rain Forest Ivory, Vegetable Ivory, Corozo, Binroji Nut (Japanese), Steinnuss (German) and Coquilla Nut.

Although white or yellow is the most common colour of Tagua, other colours such as ambers, golds and browns can be derived through new colouration methods. Tortoise-shell style colour variations have also become quite popular.


■ Eco-friendly – 100% natural material which is safe for the environment

■ Sustaining the environment – Natives replant Tagua palm trees instead of logging, ensuring    the rain forest is rebuilt

■ Superior properties: Scratch and high temperature resistant as well as impact    resistant

■ Unique – Each and every layer carved out from Tagua seeds are one-of-a-kind

Real Horn

Real horn buttons at ryyty  are predominantly made out of Buffalo and Ox horn. We deal with sourcing, processing and manufacturing of real horn buttons in our own manufacturing units. Due to the high degree of variation observed in the natural material, all blanks are selected individually and sorted based on their natural colours. Blanks are carefully stored and issued for production (turning and polishing) only upon receipt of orders from customers.

Customised Italian-made turning machines are used which have been programmed to automatically sharpen the tools at regular intervals. Special diamond cutters also ensure that the final product has a superior finish, compared to our competitors.

The final finish of the buttons (matt, polished, dull centre + polished rim etc.) is produced by using the Italian technique of wooden barrelling.


■ Sourced from India and come with their unique colour hues

■ Stringent quality control checks done at every stage, right from pre-manufacture    stages of turning and polishing to sorting and packing of finished products

■ Large inventory of horn blanks in different colours

■ Italian machines and techniques for quality finishing for every button

■ Ease of selection with our systematic sorting and packing of buttons based on    similar colours

Real shell buttons

Real shells have been used for making buttons for centuries and continue to be a popular choice of natural material in the apparel industry. Each button is unique in its appearance and texture; hence a preferred choice for their range of colour combinations, finish and for giving their garments a touch of elegance.

The buttons are made from real shells found along rivers and seas and can be carved from any layer. Authentic Mother-of-pearl buttons are created from oysters and mussels and are known for their opalescent quality.

ryyty provides an extensive collection of shell buttons in qualities like Agoya, River shell, Abalone, Mussel, Java, Trocas and Real mother of Pearl. These are available in varied shapes, sizes, colours and trendy designs. Real shell buttons are fragile and require extremely delicate handling during the manufacturing process. We understand the craftsmanship required to deal with shell and thereby our team of experienced craftsmen work towards delivering quality buttons to our customers.

■  Environmentally safe 100% natural buttons

■ Naturally iridescent colours

■ Light-weight

■ High quality hand-made buttons

■ Superior finish and a range of patterns and colours available